All Around the Mulberry Bush

All Around the Mulberry Bush

Today is Around Town Day.

I look forward to this day because I get out of the house and get to see the real world. I also dread it because it can be difficult to remain cheerful while buckling and unbuckling five small children several times in a few hours. I so want for my children to see that I enjoy being with them, but sometimes it is so tiring and frustrating.

The constant flurry of getting in and out of the car.
The constant reminders of our Out and About Rules:

1. No yelling.
2. No running.
3. No climbing or riding on the cart (although you may ride in it, if size and space permits.)
4. No touching each other.
5. No touching the merchandise.
6. You must keep within eye contact of Mom at all times.
7. No asking for anything. (Why didn’t you go before we left? Not again?!)

The looks and comments we constantly generate becuase I have five children:

Is this a daycare? Are they all yours? You must be a busy lady. I don’t know how you do it. My two drive me crazy. (This in front of the “two”!)

They all wear me out and make for a frazzled, unhappy mommy. My children deserve so much better from me.

So for today I intend to focus on

– conveying how important my children are to me (more important than my errands)
– enjoying spending time with them (really, they will not be with me for long)
– encouraging them for how well behaved they really are (they really are great kids)
– extending grace to others when the looks and comments start
– being thankful for the abundance which allows me to run all these errands and make the purchases I need (both the necessary and “extras”)

So here’s to chasing the weasel!

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