I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Today was cleaning day.

Since the birth of my fifth blessing, I’ve had trouble get on top of things in my house. Nine months of a difficult pregnancy followed by a busy summer and an even busier fall, and things in my home just feel unbearable.

Last week a dear friend told me she felt the need to look after my children for an entire day – so I could focus on the house. I swallowed my pride and shame and dropped the children off early this morning.

Then a second dear friend offered to come and help me all day. I swallowed even more pride and shame and she arrived mid-morning. This dear sweet friend of mine went through my “stuff” loosely organizing it into piles on my dining room table. Then I sorted through the piles, filing, storing, and chucking.

We did the dining room and living room, which also serve as the pantry, computer room, school room, library, entertainment area, office, toy room and cloakroom.

It was a big job. A job I never would have gotten done on my own.

It was tough to accept help. I’m not sure why. We all need help.

I’m glad I had friends who offered. I’m glad I had the courage to accept.

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