Intelligent Marketing?

Intelligent Marketing?

I really like Amazon. I use it frequently. Not so much to buy books, although I do that, but to order books online from our local library. Amazon allows me to peruse the books before I order them and have them sent to our local branch. Generally I have found Amazon to be a reputable company, one which provides me with lots of browsing, and when I make purchases, with good prices and free shipping.

When I sign up for accounts at such places as Amazon, I usually opt out of all mailings and marketing. I do not need the extra spam filling my inbox. However Amazon has occasionally mailed me offers based on my previous purchases. I simply deleted them and moved on. Until today.

Today I felt sure the Amazon email in my inbox must be a spam. It cheerfully announced that others who had purchased a certain relationship self help book had purchased the author’s new novel. The title looked extremely suspect. I went to Amazon and searched for the title. I was greeted by a trashy p*rn novel.

My darling husband checked the email code to ensure it was from Amazon. It was. I quickly removed myself from all future Amazon mailings (I hope) and then proceeded to fill in a Customer Service form at Amazon.

The world is an evil place, and my computer is an open window to it. We’ve tried to put safe guards in place. We’ve tried to use this tool wisely, but every once in a while I just want to cry.

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