Kitchen Rabbits

Kitchen Rabbits

We have a pet rabbit. It is currently located in the kitchen, due to renovations in the basement. It was supposed to be temporary, but building has taken many months more than expected. He’s just a part of the kitchen decor now.

My fifteen month old daughter started calling him “bunnee” a few months ago. About a month ago it progressed to “rabbee” and then a week ago the “t” was finally added – “rabbeet.”

She understands fully what a rabbit is, identifying wild rabbits on our lawns, Bugs Bunny on someone’s shirt, and bunnies in books. Last Wednesday, we were at a friend’s house, helping with some painting. My youngest toddled around the kitchen saying, “Rabeet. Rabeet.” I didn’t think much of it. My friend’s mom is an artist. I thought maybe one of the many art pieces had a rabbit on it.

Then today, at another friend’s house, my daughter kept looking around the kitchen floor saying “Rabeet. Rabeet.”

It suddenly twigged on me and I realized she was looking for a rabbit. She has decided that all good kitchens should have there very own “rabeets!”

Thank you Little One for your beautiful innocence and simplicity. It blessed my day.

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