Wonderful Books

Wonderful Books

In J.M. Adler’s How to Read a Book, he discusses the need to answer four main questions:

What is this book about? (What is the leading theme of the book and how does the author develop the theme?)

What is being said in detail and how? (What are the main ideas, assertions, and arguments that constitute the author’s main message?)

Is the book true in whole or part? (You have to answer the first two questions to answer this one.)

What of it? (What significance will this book have for me?)

I think these are great questions to ask my children when we read our books, even our picture books. I want for my children to be discerning readers.

I’ve been working on our school ‘omnibuses’ (lists of books I want to read-aloud, or I want them to read for themselves) for the upcoming year and I’m excited about the possibility that my oldest might begin putting up her own “book reviews.” Mr Pages and I thought this would be a wonderful way to teach them a myriad of skills – not only discernment but reading, outlining, summarizing, writing, grammar, spelling, etc.

The best part of all: she thinks it will be fun and can’t wait to start!

I love homeschooling!

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