1000 Ways I am Thankful

1000 Ways I am Thankful

(My oldest daughter (soon to be eleven) saw a blog on with a gratefulness list and was inspired to write her own. –Jenn)

I am Thankful For…

      1. 1. Mommy aka MrsPages
        2. Daddy aka MrPages
        3. LittlePage2
        4. LittlePage3
        5. LittlePage4
        6. LittlestPage5
        7. Mommy’s homemade bread
        8. My body
        9. My mind
        10. My food
        11. My clothes
        12. Good friends
        13. -20C winter days with clear blue skies and sparkling snow
        14. Wool blankets on -35C nights
        15. Family Camp at Red Rock Camp
        16. The person (or people) who invented tag
        17. Play structures
        18. Doctors
        19. Books
        20. I sleep in the same room as LittlePage2
        21. I am home schooled
        22. I have 4 other Little Pages too play with
        23. I will be old enough to be able to baby sit next year
        24. We can sponsor 3 children who don’t have very much
        25. People who care listen to me

–LittlePage1 (who is not so little anymore!)

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