Library Elf – No More Overdues

Library Elf – No More Overdues

Growing up I always loved the story of the The Elves and the Shoemaker

Now I do not have piles of leather lying about waiting for little elves to save the day, but I do have piles of library books – sometimes over 100 – checked out on six different cards.

Library day consisted of over an hour of time just logging in to the library and getting everyone’s due dates straightened out. I have tried tracking books on the calendar, using the print off sheets, keeping them all on a separate shelf – everything I could think of, to no avail. We are personally responsible for financing a large proportion of the Library Acquisitions Department with our overdue fees.

It became so bad, that last September, we actually STOPPED going to the library. This was a tragedy with major implications for my children. “I have nothing new to read!” they would wail disconsolately from their beds.

In desperation, I muttered my wish, loaded Google and typed in, “keeping track of library books.” The second hit brought into my home a little elf that has saved my sanity, my budget, and my children’s reading appetites.

Library Elf is a web site that allows you to track multiple library cards with just one account. After creating my main account, I entered in each of my family’s library cards. Now with the click of one button I get a complete listing of all our books, holds, and overdues in the order that they are due!
Best of all, Library Elf emails me daily with a list of what’s due or ready to pick up! Everyday. We haven’t had an overdue book for almost three months!

These people deserve a some sort of Homeschooling Mother’s Appreciation Award.

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