Preschooler Blues

Preschooler Blues

I have four children who have successfully come through “preschool”, but over the years I have struggled with exactly what that should mean.

With my first couple of children, preschool was just a special playtime that Mama participated in – playdough, crafts, games, reading, etc.

As those older ones started more formal school, my role with the younger ones felt like it changed. Playtime became something I participated in less – no loss as my oldest loved to take over that role – and large group activities took over more of my time. These “projects” included the little ones – much to their delight but they were disappointed that they didn’t have “school with Mama”, like their big sisters and brothers.

So I tried to find some curriculum that would please them and me (although, lets be honest, anything I found pleased them!). It needed to have minimal prep time, and it needed to not be twaddle.

I have had a steady stream of programs that failed either one or both these requirements.

I am now working with the free online program at Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program: Step 1 Preparatory Curriculum . It does require some prep, but so far I’m enjoying it. My other children are helping out and that gives me both joy and accountability.

I would really like to see this one through to the end. This may be my last time through preschool, and I’d like to find out what comes after the letter J!

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