Henry V – Alice

Henry V – Alice

Alice was played by a beautiful energentic young woman, who was supposed to appear older than her royal charge.

I was drawn to the richness of the red velvet in this inspirational image. I also loved the idea of using a wimple to add age.

wimple 2
This was the wimple style we eventually decided on as Alice required a very quick change and we needed something that could be pulled on off in seconds.

Alice no belt
Becuase of the nature of the quick change, Alices cloak had to completely cover the Lords clothes that were being worn underneath.

Alice close up no belt
The fur collar, scraps from a previous costume, helped add weight to the character.

Alice close up with belt
The heaviness of the blue fabric made the cloak hang too loose on the actor. We added the belt to help give it some form.

Alice with belt

She loved wearing the wimple!

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