Henry V – Ladies-in-Waiting

Henry V – Ladies-in-Waiting

Here are two of the Ladies-in-Waiting dresses I built for two sweet little girls.

This little beauty was made with a Value Village farbic find and some scrap ribbon and satin.

The scalloped neckline provided a nice relief detail on stage against the other five Lady-in-Waiting costumes.

Originally I use only a swathe of pink ribbon hand-stitched around the waist, but the front chest peice still looked empty. I added in a second row of white ribbon on top of the pink, and then a cross T down the front centreline.

The flare of the sleeve made adding the deep satin trim a pain in the patoot, but with careful hand sewing and pressing, they turned out lovely.

Rear zipper closures, while not 14th century appropriate, made these easier to get on off, since the girls had several costume changes.

My little actor loved the pink material she found in my stash but I knew there wouldn’t be enough to make a long dress. I cut the sleeves and front panel from crisp cotton fabric to match the weight of the pink fabric.


The antique ribbon scrap I had was just enough to garnish the neckline!


And here they are with a third Lady-in-Waiting, designed by one of my co-designers, Hannah Beynon.

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