Much Ado About Nothing – Winnipeg Fringe 2014

Much Ado About Nothing – Winnipeg Fringe 2014

This was my first show where I did not work with a team. One of the actors, the talented Hannah Beynon, worked on a couple of costumes, but the bulk of the costuming, and all the props and sets fell to myself and my Propman, Kirby Gehman.

Mariam Berstein, the troupe’s amazing director, had a very strong vision for this play and provided drawing for each of the costumes and strong ideas for colour and look. It was a pleasure to work with her and on a very limited budget ($250) help bring her vision to life.

In the end, I built and assembled 24 costumes for 10 actors in under six weeks, mostly on my own!

Getting ready backstage:


The producer, Karen Ridd, and I backstage, prepping props.


Assembling costumes afterward. We had 15 minutes to clear the stage and pack away all our props and costumes!


Almost the whole cast on stage:


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