This is merely a collection of all the small shiny “objects” I find that help me grow in my training.

This is the lineage I follow: International Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-Do Association.  Here’s a lovely interview  (and part 2) with the President, Meitatsu Yagi Sensei.

This is my home dojo: Meibukan Gojyu Karate Winnipeg

My first Sensei, Kim Marshall, was an amazing man with a giant heart – a true warrior. I miss him every time I walk out onto the floor.

My Sensei, Kim Marshall


Here are the quizlet flashcards I created to help me learn the language of my dojo: Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate Terms

These are the all the Katas that I will eventually have to learn and links to what they look like.

Classical Katas for all belts

Sanchin – 3 Battles: Mind, body, spirit (a version with shime)
Tensho – Turning or rotating palm

Classical Grading Katas

Geki Sai Ichi – To demolish or destroy one (First Basic Kata) (Yellow belt grading kata)
Geki Sai Ni – To demolish or destroy two (Orange belt grading kata)
Saifa – To rip and to tear (Green belt grading kata)
Shi So Chin – Four facing pillars, four Fighting Monks (Blue belt grading kata)
San Sei Ryu – Thirty six hands, Thirty-six movements (Brown belt grading kata)
Sesan – Thirteen movements (Black belt grading kata?)
Seienchin – Peacefulness (Black belt grading kata?) (alternative version by Meitoku Yagi)
Seipai – Eighteen movements (Black belt grading kata?) (alternative version)
Kururunfa – Holding ground (Black belt grading kata?)
Suparinpe – 108 evils of man (Black belt grading kata?)

Meibukan Grading Katas

Tenchi – Heaven and earth (Green belt grading kata) (alternative version)
Seiryu – Blue dragon (Blue belt grading kata)
Byakko – White tiger (Brown belt grading kata) (Seiryu – Byakko against one another)
Shujakku – Red phoenix/sparrow (Black belt grading kata?)
Genbu – Black turtle (Black belt grading kata?)