Sewing Room

Sewing Room

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I sewed my first outfit when I was about 6 years old. I remember using red and white striped fabric to make a elegant, single shouldered, a-line dress for my lovely Sindy doll. I sewed the French seams and turned hems using my mother’s old Singer sewing machine which I now own. I hand-sewed a metal snap at the shoulder seam, allowing for quick changes during play. That beautiful creation was the beginning of my life long passion.

It continued…

For forty years now I’ve been sewing for myself, my family and for others. I’ve sewn all manner of clothes with all manner of fabric. As a home educating mother of five children, I have had lots of opportunity to learn to mend, alter, and create clothing and costumes for a wide variety of people, all on a strict budget.

For the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of recreating period-appropriate wardrobes for my family’s work with local Living History groups. Although I have passing knowledge of most historical fashion periods, I specialize in the lower class clothing worn by children and their parents in the 1812 era of the Selkirk Settlers. Many of my pieces are entirely hand-sewn as sewing machines were not widely available until the late 1800’s.


Recently I moved into theatrical production working with other costumers to design and create lovely wardrobes for two community youth Shakespearean theatre groups.

I specialize in quality finish work and fine and functional clothing that can withstand the intense use of children and teens while still being affordable.

My webspace…

I am constantly looking for new challenges and and new ways of interacting with textiles. These pages are meant to highlight my triumphs and ameliorate my mistakes.

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Behind the scenes…

Jennifer Gehman is a clothier, costumer, tailor, seamtress, dressmaker, and fabric-aholic (which sounds more lovely than fabric hoarder!). She lives in wintery Winnipeg with her partner, five children, two dogs, two rabbits and one fish. When she is not hunched over her sewing machine in a corner of the basement, she is home educating her children, reading, writing, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Life is good.

Working in the Wings
Working in the Wings


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