Monday Home Office Routine

Monday Home Office Routine

 Just after I created my blog, I got sucked into visiting other blogs – one led to another and another and another until it was late into the night. I mentioned to my darling Dh that there was an entire world out there. He said it is called the Blogosphere!

Wow – a whole other world, right at my finger tips!

Well here’s to hoping I can make time in my schedule to get done what needs to be done, and still have time to travel!

Right now I’m working on getting a household routine back up and running. I’ve made Mondays Office Day and my current list looks like this:

Filing (also clean out/decluuter one file)
Menus (for Thursday to Wednesday)
Grocery List
Price Book (work on this for 5 minutes)
Lesson Plans
Around Town Day Plan (where do I have to go around town)
Phone calls and appointments
Cleaning Plan (what needs to be done on Friday)
Home management Book (work on this for 5 minutes)
Thank-you notes
Clean office area (when I have one!)

My goal is ten minutes per item, but let’s face it – I’ll never be able to keep it to that. Lesson Planning may require a lot more, although maybe not once school is up and going. Maybe if I actually stuck to this plan weekly, they wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes! How I would so love a watch with multiple alarms. I think that might really help me not get sucked in or side tracked….

During this time I hope the children will be kept busy with workbooks, sorting their school shelves, organizing the books, writing their own thank-you notes, and possibly some computer.

Now I really must get those menus written so shopping tomorrow won’t be so frustrating!

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